1. Tokyo Story 5/5

2. The 400 Blows 5/5

3. Jules et Jim 5/5

4. Fargo 4/5

5. The Silence of the Lambs 4/5

6. Boyhood 4/5

7. The Sun’s Burial 4/5

8. World War Z 3/5

9. HOUSE (1977) 4/5

… more but I can’t remember

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I especially enjoy Kill Bill because it is one of the few films I’m aware of that is really just about women. And it’s not like it’s about women being women and doing women things, it’s about a woman as simply a person who wants revenge.

Especially the first part, where it’s just a bunch of powerful women (one of whom has become the most powerful person in Japan by killing her would-be rapist) fighting each other with no men involved. (or at least just as side characters) Plus, the film ends by the main character defeating her former male lover that was basically an extreme wife-beater. (well, he had her nearly killed)

Linklater’s visual style is sort of, refreshingly normal. That is to say.. he sacrifices visuals for dialogue. All of his films are dialogue focused, and nothing really happens narratively. But in a really good, subtle way. It’s almost as if Linklater is letting you know that he doesn’t particularly care about how visually striking the movie is, because he wants to focus on what his characters are saying.

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